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Movement of
Mind, Body and Soul

KO Pilates is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio in Prather that offers a simultaneous in person and virtual open studio format helping clients:

  • ♦ Reduce Pain              ♦ Reduce Stress
  • ♦ Walk Better               ♦ Lose Weight
  • ♦ Improve Posture      ♦ Improve Athletic Performance
  • ♦ Prevent Injury           ♦ Have a Healthier Lifestyle

Pilates is the movement of the body where the mind, body, and soul work together to gain control over your body. It is a skill set, not just a workout. There is physical and psychological synergy. It is discipline. It is energizing.  The method will help you build a flexible spine, and its movement changes your body at a deeper level where results are seen faster. Stretching, strength, flexibility and range of motion enhance your everyday movement and Pilates significantly improves your alignment and posture while not stressing your joints.

KO Pilates is fully equipped with the Classical Pilates apparatus including Classical mats, reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs and more.  Our community and culture are welcoming, and Karin is dedicated in her role to guide you into a way of embracing and making Pilates a part of your new lifestyle.

KO Pilates is also an approved vendor with Yosemite Valley Charter School and Monarch River Academy for ages 13–18 year olds.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 session you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.”
–Joseph Pilates

How do I get started with KO Pilates

Click on the button below or contact Karin at (559) 389-1694 or email [email protected] to schedule a 55-minute Private session ($75.00). Following your private session, you will likely join one of the Open Studio weekly membership programs.  If needed, additional Private sessions may be recommended.
Book a Private Session
“You cannot will a body into changing. The only thing that changes a body is movement”
–Jay Grimes


Unlimited Membership

  • An all-inclusive price that allows you to attend unlimited in person and/or virtual sessions each week.
  • A complimentary quarterly 55-minute Private session to help you refine your practice, address areas of concern and strategize what you will focus on in your upcoming workouts.
  • A monthly mini workshop focusing on various apparatus to build your practice.

A recurring charge of $79.99 per week
Enroll Here

Two Sessions per week

  • Attend two in person and/or virtual workouts per week.
  • A monthly mini workshop focusing on various apparatus to build your practice.

A recurring charge of $49.99 per week
Enroll Here


We all need inspiration in life.  Who and what inspires you?

One of people who inspired me was my Mom, who would have celebrated her 80th birthday today.  She exposed me to all sorts of sports and activities so I could discover what I enjoy.  She was our sports and life coach. She was tough at her core, had a great laugh, was silly, and our cheerleader.  I love this photo as it reminds me that she is always near.

Take a moment to thank and/or remember those who inspire you and have a terrific day! KO Pilates
It always feels great to accomplish something new! 
@kopilates #kopilates #startyourdayright
KO Pilates app
Pilates is a great form of exercise for all body types and overall health.  Here is a fun slo-mo video from today of me practicing the Advanced version of the ‘Swan’ on the Cadillac. The Swan is also done on the mat, ladder barrel and wunda chair.  Once you have done Pilates for a few weeks, it is one of the first extension exercises that is introduced. Back strength,
Better posture, Better everything!
See you soon at KO Pilates
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