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Build consistency with KO Pilates

KO Pilates is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio in Prather that offers a simultaneous in person and virtual open studio format helping clients:

  • Reduce Pain                                              Reduce Stress
  • Walk Better                                               Lose Weight
  • Improve Posture                                      Prevent Injury
  • Improve Athletic Performance             Have a Healthier Lifestyle

The open studio format mirrors the way Joseph Pilates ran his studio.  There is no need to book visits – You can arrive or join in online whenever you like, stay for as long as you like to complete your workout, learn new exercises, and if you desire, observe.

To attend virtually, you do not need to have Classical Pilates equipment.  Karin can work with whatever you have available even if it is just a mat, although over time, you may want to join us in person to feel a deeper connection in the work.

To train with KO Pilates, you should commit to attending at least two (in person and/or virtual) workouts per week, so you build consistency and see improvements with understanding the method, feel better in your body, and help you retain information.  In addition, you need to be open to taking time to learn, especially if you’ve done Pilates elsewhere.  Change and learning takes time, and you should allow yourself that freedom, so your new Pilates habit is joyful and positive.

Our community and culture are welcoming, and I am dedicated in my role to guide you into a way of embracing and making Pilates a part of your new lifestyle.

Pilates is the movement of the body where the mind, body, and soul work together to gain control over your body. It is a skill set, not just a workout. There is physical and psychological synergy. It is discipline. It is energizing.

The method will help you build a flexible spine, and its movement changes your body at a deeper level where results are seen faster. Stretching, strength, flexibility and range of motion enhance your everyday movement and Pilates significantly improves your alignment and posture while not stressing your joints.

KO Pilates is fully equipped with the Classical Pilates apparatus including Classical mats, reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs and more.

KO Pilates is also an approved vendor with Yosemite Valley Charter School and Monarch River Academy for ages 13–18 year olds.

How do I start training?

Please complete the registration form and Karin will contact you to talk further and schedule a 55-minute Private session. A $75.00, fee will be charged to you upon booking and is non-refundable. Following this, you will likely join an Open Studio weekly membership to get your initial program going.  If needed, additional Private sessions may be recommended.

Ongoing Membership

Once you have taken your initial Private session with me to get your initial program going, you’ll join one our weekly membership options.


  • Unlimited in person and/or virtual workouts each week
  • A quarterly 55-minute Private session to help you refine your practice, address areas of concern and strategize what you will focus on in your upcoming workouts.
  • A monthly mini workshop focusing on various apparatus to build your practice.


  • This option allows you to attend two in person and/or virtual workouts each week.
  • A monthly mini workshop focusing on various apparatus to build your practice.