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About Us

KO Pilates is a boutique studio in Prather, CA where we teach the Classical Pilates system of exercises.  Focusing on the mind-body connection that Joseph Pilates created, it is a true Classical Pilates studio in the Central Valley of California that offers both in person and virtual training.

KO Pilates is a fully equipped studio that mimics the way Joseph Pilates operated his studio by offering Private Sessions and Open Studio Sessions.  Karin is dedicated and hands-on to be sure that each student receives personal attention allowing them to get the most out of their sessions and Pilates experience.

Contrology (Pilates) is the root of everything we do and I am proud to be a teacher of the method. It takes years to master but along the way, you will find that the work helps strengthen the core, improve posture and recover from or prevent injuries and pain.

My Story

Karin Oliver

Karin has been a student of Pilates since 2014 and is a certified Classical Pilates teacher and proud to have the only true Classical Pilates studio in the Central Valley.

She found Pilates after she sustained a neck injury due to a car accident and was no longer able to do impact training as much as she was used to. Pilates gave her a full body workout without compressing her spine and she left the studio feeling better than when she walked in. She started to notice that her posture changed, and her muscles lengthened. Pilates became her passion and she craved the work.

She was interested in learning more, wanting to gain more knowledge and training so she entered a teaching program so she could teach and share this form of exercise to help others. She is a third-generation teacher which means that her teachers were taught by either Jay Grimes and/or Romana Kryzanowska, both of whom were taught directly by Joseph Pilates. Her training includes over 1,000 hours and she continues to train and participate in continuing education. Her mission is that each client gets the best Pilates training possible to help them reach their goals.